First Day of Nutritionist’s Recommended Diet

So I went to a highly respected nutritionist who did every test you can imagine on me, most blood (boring) but some cool hooked up to a machine.. The machine tells you your basal metabolic rate, body fat percentage, and can somehow tell you how many calories you average a day. The nutritionist asked me guess how many calories I thought I consumed (my guess 1400) in actuality it was 1800. I still thought that way great. The nutritionist said that was terrible. My Basal Metabolic Rate is 1000 which is under the average females (that would explain why I gain weight from looking at an ounce of cheesecake while others can enjoy it freely). My body fat percentage was 36 which is categorized as obese. Whoa, that was a rough pill to swallow, especially seeing as I originally gained the weight in 1 1/2 months. At least I was able to maintain it for 4 years!

After determining my kidney, liver, and every other function in my body was all perfect the nutritionist put me on a diet of 1150 calories a day. I balked and say I was going to starve, so he upped it to 1200 (phew!).

I’m supposed to eat:

Breakfast – 1  nonfat yogurt OR 2 oz of no sugar whole grain cereal with 4 oz of soy milk OR 2 egg whites and veggies.

Lunch – 6 oz of lean meat or tempeh or tofu, 6 oz of veggies, and one small salad (no dressing)

Dinner – same as lunch.

He also gave me a shake to drink to ease me into my fear of passing out in my sleep. It’s a high protein, low carb, super low sugar (fructose) 60 calorie drink.



Breakfast = 5 quail eggs = 75 calories, veggies = 25 calories TOTAL 100 calories

Lunch = 4 1/2 oz of tempeh = 210 calories, 2 oz of butternut squash = 16 calories , Veggies=25 calories TOTAL 251 Calories

Dinner = 6 oz of poached chicken breast = Calories 276, 2 tbsp of tahini = 180 calories, 6 oz of veggies = 25 calories, 4 oz of butternut squash = 30 calories TOTAL 511 calories

Shake =60 Calories


I ate almost the exact way the nutritionist said to, I couldn’t stomach anymore tempeh for lunch. I didn’t eat any salad today, I don’t digest raw food that well. I ate extra butternut squash to make up for the lack of salad. I don’t understand how I managed to only consume 922 calories, what I don’t understand even more is that I feel fine. I mean, I feel like I’m withdrawing from sugar, but I don’t feel hungry.

I also walked 3 miles, which burns roughly 300 calories. So with a BMR of 1000 + 300 cals burned from walking, that’s 1300 cals burned today, 900 consumed, with a deficit of approximately 378.


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